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How the Family Legacy Care Program Can Help You Today!

Did you know that your Will or Trust doesn’t guarantee that your beneficiaries will inherit what you’ve intended for them? That’s because your beneficiary designations on certain types of financial assets, including life insurance, retirement plans, and various other accounts override your will or trust.

In the event of your death, the beneficiaries you’ve named for those accounts will be legally entitled to receive the assets, regardless of what your will or trust documents say. Bottom line: If you’re not diligent in updating your beneficiaries, your loved ones may be in for a big surprise in the event of your death. Divorcees in particular should take note. If your former spouse is still listed as the beneficiary for your IRA or life insurance policy, upon your death he/she will inherit those assets, not your current spouse, children, or other intended beneficiaries.

These issues are exactly why the attorneys at Eckel and Associates, PLLC have implemented the Family Legacy Care Program!

The Family Legacy Care Program's Mission:

Our Mission is to give you the peace of mind that comes from having a sustainable plan that both cares for you and your family during your lifetime and that establishes your legacy after you are gone.

To learn more or if you have questions or would like help with your estate planning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at (901) 476-3599 or via email. Please feel free to forward this to friends, family, or other associates you feel may benefit from this information, or send me their email addresses and I'll be happy to include them on future emails.

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